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Construction Hoists Control Panels

TAL Engineering is an established manufacturer of lift controllers,  that has been supplying controllers to the lift industry for over 20 years.  Our controllers support all types of lifts.

Our controllers comply with EN12159+A1

The Control Panels - Car & Enclosure

​Construction Hoists Control Panels
Construction hoist controller

Construction hoist control panel designed especially for the challenging needs of a construction hoist

The control panel incorporates our advanced TL6 control board designed and developed by TAL Engineering

​Construction Hoists Control Panels
Construction hoist controller

Main Features:

  • Dedicated construction hoist controller designed and manufactured Hardware and Software by TAL Engineering

  • Number of floors:    Up to 99 floors

  • Speed Control:        Fuji LIFT VVVF  HHD - Closed loop

  • Traveling modes:






  • Car calls:                   Stop at next landing

  • Landing calls:           Registered calls or Stop at next landing

  • Floor counting:        Metal sensor with fixed cam

  • Car (entrance / exit) locks: Electromagnetic locks

  • Landing Locks:        Mechanical locks

  • Control panel:          1xCar and 1xEnclosure

  • Control:                     Hoist control with advanced diagnostics dedicated for hoists

  • Features:




  • Special features:



  • Standard additions: Emergency light
                                       Position indicator in car​

  • Optional:                   Access control​​
                                       Remote monitoring

Stop at next landing -  automatic travel with car calls priority

Operator man only from the car                                                                          

Valet control                                                                                                          


Release from final limit switch

Drop-test, automatic greasing​​

Full load/overload,

“Gate open” buzzer

 Motor temperature input​

Automatic lowering on high-speed wind

Automatic shut-off on high ambient temperature,Automatic Greasing with empty grease indication


  • Simple to use and easy to learn

  • 24/7 Extensive Technical Support

  • Short Lead Time

  • 2 Year Full Warranty

  • Full Documentation, Hard Copy & CD

  • Quality Steel Cabinet

  • Competitive Prices

Our many years of experience and know-how in the lift industry have taught us that the most important feature of the controller is support and fault detection. To this end, we have created extensive, built-in diagnostic tools (modem, last steps registration, fault log) for easy fault finding to enable us to support our customers at installation and during the product lifetime with greater speed and efficiency. Our support is given by a trained team of engineers, all experts in their field.



Our controllers are made of quality materials to ensure low maintenance costs and long product life.

We believe that combining support and quality with competitive pricing enables us to give our customer value added products, save time and money and enables them to concentrate on with their core business and their business growth.

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