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Vending Machines Light Curtains

The VENDA6 is a fast acting light curtain for vending machines that was designed to detect product drop in vending machines in order to give proof of vend. The detection principle is by IR light. The light curtain consists of 25 infrared beams presented over an active area of 140 mm.
The VENDA6 operates on 12VDC – 35VDC or 10VAC – 24VAC. Output relay is active when the unit is powered and beams are not obstructed, it deactivates when one of the beams is obstructed.

VENDA light curtain
  • Active area 100mm

  • 140 mm active area

  • 25 beams

  • Response time: 6ms

  • Wide range of input voltages

  •  Small sized PCB


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