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The first solid-state brake control safety device in compliance with EN81-20/50

STO is approved to drive lift motors with no motor contactors but eliminating the motor contactor still requires 2 brake contactors.


BrakeSR is performed by an innovative TALINOR brake control safety device (110mm x 110mm) that replaces the traditional electro-mechanical brake contactors providing much higher reliability and completely silent operation.

The device was approved by LIFTINSTITUUT Holland.

Our many years of experience and know-how enable us to support our customers at installation and during the product lifetime with greater speed and efficiency. Our support is given by a trained team of engineers, all experts in their field.


Our products are made of quality materials to ensure low maintenance costs and long product life.

We believe that combining support and quality with competitive pricing enables us to give our customer value added products, save time and money and enables them to concentrate on with their core business and their business growth.


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