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Infrared Detectors

Elevator light curtain


  • EN-81 compliant

  • Relay output N.O or N.C

  • Robust construction

  • 3 years warranty

Data sheet

Single meam photocell


  • Operation range 0 to 4.5m

  • Unaffected by misalignment

  • Relay output N.O. and N.C.

  • Easy mounting

Data sheet

Sound Generators
Sound Generators

Voice synthesizer


  • Clear sound quality [HI-FI]

  • Up to 32 messages

  • Up to 6 auxiliary messages

  • Build-in Gong unit

Data sheet

Data sheet

  • Sound level adjusts

  • Small size

  • Pluggable terminals

  • Stable Sound intensity


Gong sound generator

Data sheet

  • Sounds only if call is registered

  • Compatible three-wire method

  • Only one unit required per COP

  • Low Cost


Call registration buzzer

voice announcers
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